The OC Kingmaker Game

Session 18

1 year, 1 month since founding, end of summer

One month of kingdom development sees our intrepid heroes/rulers building the first dedicated caster tower in Brightwater city. It is given to Old Beldame for her use when she is in town.

Maegar Varn and his daughter Drucilla visit Brightwater to increase kingdom relations, possibly set up trade (food for Iron), and to test the marriage possibilities between Drucilla and our dedicated bachelor Baron.
Reports from the spy master, rumors of baby stealing, and a stranger from the far away paradise of Cheliax on the hunt for a Cultist of Gyrona, led to a merry baby blessing ceremony conducted in the castle. Colin the Hellknight identified a few changling babies and the hunt was on to find the cultists.

After some clever investigative work, a door being busted, and woman being interrogated, it was discovered that a farm a few miles outside of town was were the cultists were hiding out. The heroes charged off and after a hair raising multi round battle, 5 cultists and their alleged leader, Niska Malgonata, were killed. Two demons had been summoned, one dealt with in the underground lair while a second left after Malgonata’s death in the small house.

Important information learned through all this was that the farm was not the cultists’ primary sanctuary, but rather some ruins on the Island in Candlemere lake. Embittered women, jilted lovers, and major bitches are drawn to the Hag Goddess.



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