The OC Kingmaker Game

Session 17

1 year from founding

Looking for Black rattle cap mushrooms on the far side of the Tuskwater, a rather huge fungus creature was found living in a mud bowl with the black little fungi. After being swallowed by the creature and then cutting his way out, our baron declared mushroom stew for everybody for a fortnight!!!!

The very charming, cute, and charismatic general managed to sway the Old Beldame to officially join the ruling council of Narlmarch as the head Magister. (way to go Josh!)

A path of suspiciousness lead the heroes to the lizardmen island in the middle of the river, where after much failed diplomacy, some sneaking in by a certain sneaky elf, and sharp eyes in the sky, a grand melee ensued.

Much scaly blood was spilled along with some soft fleshy blood (namely Baron Darious) as even his considerable staying power was tested to the max. Everybody came through though, that stupid lost boy was found, and a strange floating greenish lizard head was found in one of the huts and was evil bad.

Tig Tannerson said that the lizard king did very scary things to him and that the green head seemed to enjoy it.

All rode back to Brightwater, the boy reunited with his family, and all is well and good in the kingdom…



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