Falchos the Satyr

Half man, half goat, all sexy


Half man half goat. Stands about 7’ tall and have some sweet curled back ram horns.

He wields a 2 handed falchion, a bow, but prefers to play his pan pipes to engaging in violence.

He’s a lover, not a fighter.


The satyr, Falchos is unarguably devoted and loyal to the dryad, Tiressia. A bit neurotic and hyper, the fey goat/man creature enjoys a good meal of fish and beautiful soft music from his pan-pipes and soft elven chanting chorus singing. Falchos never leaves Tiressia’s side and is always quick to comply and see to her needs.

Falchos was wounded when first met, a wound from the Scyth Tree. Isabella healed him and he led them to the tree. Falchos and Tiressia have been friendly towards the party and have agreed to keep their eyes open for disturbances in the forest.

Falchos the Satyr

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