The OC Kingmaker Game

2nd session, 4th of Erastus

Continuing exploration of area, an old hut is found and a possible senile old man named “Bokken” is found within. He seems to be able to make potions and has asked the PCs if they will journey South West to get some Fang Berries for him. He says they make his potions taste really great. He’ll give the them a discount on future potions if they bring him back a small load of these berries.

Also found (and killed) is a rather large trap door spider, an area with many strangely shaped rocks (none of which were actually checked out close enough to determine what they are), a rickety bridge across the Thorn River, a ford across the same river, and a dead human with a huge beard near the ford. (Red dot on map).

A few days later, the PCs run into the bandit camp with the leader, Kressels (double hatchet wielding girl). Vanima (Lanetta) while scouting out the camp, decides to become Golarions’s most effective sniper with a bow and proceeds to ventilate a bandit on watch.

The other two enter what turns out to be a rather close and bloody fight. The druid Kyras (Marquez) has fun with a huge snake and a Molotov cocktail and single handedly takes out another watch post bandit. Although he then ends up stepping in front of Kressels and goes down unconscious to a couple of well placed hatchet attacks.

Darius (our Paladin), brains one bandit and goes to Kyras’ defense. Kressel bring Darius to exactly 0 Hps only to then have an arrow from Vanima drop her to 0 HPs also.

Kressel is able to stagger away before anybody can stop her.



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