The OC Kingmaker Game

3rd session, 9th Erastus (July)

Our three adventures return to Oleg’s after showing the bandits they are not the muscle in this area anymore. They give Bokken the fangberries and he informs them that they will get his potions at a 25% discount for a month or so.

A priest of Erastil is at Olegs who has offered to provide spell casting services in exchange for the PCs finding a lost temple somewhere in the Narlmarches.
A comely warrior named Isabella Ludenesti also has shown up with the same charter for exploration that the other three have.

A bounty for 6 bandits and a particularly loathsome bandit named Falgrim Sneed have been posted on “The Board” at Olegs. Six sets of ears and a bandit leader, Kressles, are turned in for the bounty.

The PC’s threaten and interrogate Kressels learning the following:
1. Staglord hangs out at an abandoned fort on the North side of the Tuskwater. A 2 day or so horse ride south.
2. Staglord loves to drink.
3. The current phrase for passage into the fort is, “By the Bloody Bones of St. Gilmorg, who wants to know?”

A primitive dragon was encountered and killed.



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