The OC Kingmaker Game

Session 20
Jan 4th, 2015

Dealt with the rabble rouser, Greygori. After questioning him, he revealed he was hired by someone in Fort Drelev. (the chunk of land to the north west. One of the 4 charters back at the beginning.)

Perilash pops by to visit and informs the PCs that Garruum the boggard is being harassed by the trolls. The rulers go to his pond, find three trolls trying to convince him to join their kingdom of monsters.

There are faerie blood words written on trees. In giant, “Humans not welcome, mosters only.”

Session 19
November game

Boats to Candlemere Island.

Fought Willowisps.

Found underground ruins

Fought female cultists of Gyronna. Cleared out the ruins.

Found Elf Gate. Partially functional with Vanima’s pendant.

Session 18
1 year, 1 month since founding, end of summer

One month of kingdom development sees our intrepid heroes/rulers building the first dedicated caster tower in Brightwater city. It is given to Old Beldame for her use when she is in town.

Maegar Varn and his daughter Drucilla visit Brightwater to increase kingdom relations, possibly set up trade (food for Iron), and to test the marriage possibilities between Drucilla and our dedicated bachelor Baron.
Reports from the spy master, rumors of baby stealing, and a stranger from the far away paradise of Cheliax on the hunt for a Cultist of Gyrona, led to a merry baby blessing ceremony conducted in the castle. Colin the Hellknight identified a few changling babies and the hunt was on to find the cultists.

After some clever investigative work, a door being busted, and woman being interrogated, it was discovered that a farm a few miles outside of town was were the cultists were hiding out. The heroes charged off and after a hair raising multi round battle, 5 cultists and their alleged leader, Niska Malgonata, were killed. Two demons had been summoned, one dealt with in the underground lair while a second left after Malgonata’s death in the small house.

Important information learned through all this was that the farm was not the cultists’ primary sanctuary, but rather some ruins on the Island in Candlemere lake. Embittered women, jilted lovers, and major bitches are drawn to the Hag Goddess.

Session 17
1 year from founding

Looking for Black rattle cap mushrooms on the far side of the Tuskwater, a rather huge fungus creature was found living in a mud bowl with the black little fungi. After being swallowed by the creature and then cutting his way out, our baron declared mushroom stew for everybody for a fortnight!!!!

The very charming, cute, and charismatic general managed to sway the Old Beldame to officially join the ruling council of Narlmarch as the head Magister. (way to go Josh!)

A path of suspiciousness lead the heroes to the lizardmen island in the middle of the river, where after much failed diplomacy, some sneaking in by a certain sneaky elf, and sharp eyes in the sky, a grand melee ensued.

Much scaly blood was spilled along with some soft fleshy blood (namely Baron Darious) as even his considerable staying power was tested to the max. Everybody came through though, that stupid lost boy was found, and a strange floating greenish lizard head was found in one of the huts and was evil bad.

Tig Tannerson said that the lizard king did very scary things to him and that the green head seemed to enjoy it.

All rode back to Brightwater, the boy reunited with his family, and all is well and good in the kingdom…

Session 16
(missed sessions 14 and 15)

After 6 months of kingdom development our heroes are spurred back into action by the careless spelunking of Jubilost Narthropple. As he delved deeper into a missed gold mine/burial chamber in the northern greenbelt, he awoke a young magma dragon. This dragon, Gloomavorax, was very pissed off that someone had stolen his stuff and he was making a beeline towards the capital where these claimed items are residing and being studied.

The three rulers (for no one could find the general) rode out and confronted the dragon.
One dead horse, 2 nearly dead rulers, and one thrashed hamlet later, the reign of Gloomavorax was at an early end.

Upon returning to Brightwater, more and more citizens were complaining about strange occurrences, most likely caused by fairies, and as the rulers of this fledgling kingdom, they needed to go do something about it.

So off to the fairy nest of Perilash and Tyg-Titter-Tut they went.
Only to find something strange was a claw in the fairy glade. Perilash crying, big claw marks up the fairy tree, and a trampled path leading out of the glade. After calming and coaxing down the tiny dragon, only then it was learned that Tyg-Titter-Tut was taken by a stinky egg troll.

This troll told Perilash to cause mischief in the human kingdom or he would pull off the grig’s legs one by one.

The troll was tracked to the stinky frog pond and confronted (Tyg was chained to a stake in the ground). Negotiations were tried, but the 1000gp price tag to let the grig free was too steep.

One dead troll and troll hound later, Tyg-Tutter-Tut was safe and reunited with her bestest friend in the whole wide. The ever percoscious pixie of the group mentioned that it was weird behavior for a troll to kidnap and extort, rather then just eat. The Baron made the connection that this was something connected to Hargulka and the three trolls from the Kobold.

Back at town, a notice on the “help wanted” board about a legendary crack jaw turtle causing problems for a fisherman in his secret fishing hole, caught our heroes eyes. After getting directions to the hole, they went and easily killed the turtle (of course, paralyzing it with hold animal and then coup-da-grawing it was low down and completely unfair to the poor mama turtle.

Found on the beach in this secluded fishing hole was a blue elemental gem and a turtle egg.

All returned back to the city where we ended the session.

13 Session (month of Kuthona)

After spending 4 months helping get your fledgling kingdom and capitol off the ground, the adventures decide to continue their exploration of the southern greenbelt.

Rumors of a witch who may or may not eat small children and may or may not turn trespassers into scarecrows are heard as well as sightings and a small death count at the claws of a wily worg called “Howl of the North Wind”. Seems he’s a long time bother in these parts so our heroes set out in his general direction along the way to a supposed hidden magical weapon.

They find tracks and the remains of something’s dinner along with being stalked at night when camping. The ever “useful” fiery dome spell keeps the wolves and worg away at night for two nights in a row. Finally the heroes set up in the morning and drop the dome only to find themselves surrounded by a dozen or wolves and the worg himself. Minor damage is done to the PCs though and Howl retreats with the remaining 3 wolves.

He is tracked to his lair, smoked out, and slain. His body is brought back to town, where the fur is cured and stuck on a wall in the castle.

They go back out and track down this burial cairn far in the southwestern part of the Kamelands. They enter the burial mound, get swarmed by 2 bat swarms, but manage to press on. An evil trap of black smoke tentacles reaches for the souls of our brave adventures, all but one, Isabella, shake off the exhausting effects of the tendrils.

Ten minutes and 12 easily slain skeletons later, they approach a room containing a catafalque with an undead warrior of some kind on top of it. Although difficult to hit, with flanking and numerous attacks by all the heroes, the wight is brought down low.

Turns out the weapon the map was talking about is a +2 Fey Bane Falchion. Quite potent against the fey indeed. It is broken and has to be fixed though.

After clearing out the burial mound, they all return to town and decide to help further their town.

11th Session ( 1st of Kuthona) Start of winter
And a kingdom building we go...

This log is a bit weird, as technically it takes place after 4 months of kingdom building.

After making some preliminary building decisions and getting the Barony of Narlmark off the ground (it seems to be going well so far), our intrepid adventures start exploring into the southern Greenbelt region.

They help a band of exploring gnomes led by a rather flamboyant gnome named Jubilost Narthrapple. He says he’s searching for a lost dwarven outpost rumored to be around here somewhere. He shares the location of a spooky stone keep they ran across, but not much else.

A cranky lumberjack named Corax and his band of merry lumberjacks chopped some trees down around a large pool of water. Turned out that pool was home to a persnickety nixie named Melianse who charmed two of the loggers and held them ransom until the loggers made reparations for the trees.

Despite our new ruler’s want to pop her annoying head, he agreed to try and make some sort of arrangement to appease both sides. He and Kyras quickly traveled to Tiressenia and was able to get 6 tree tokens. When thrown on the ground around the nikie’s pool, 6 big trees grew and she let the charmed logger go.

The PC’s told Corax of Brightwater and how his services could be of use.

On their way back, they were ambushed by 4 shocker lizards who killed two of the parties horses and severely hurt the ranger. Our bear/druid and the Cleric’s war horse earned their pay though as they smashed and stomped the lizards into paste.

Unfortunately though, as they were catching their breathe, another ambush ensued by a crazy old man with a wicked sneak attack and his pet Cat. The ranger was back stabbed and went down quickly. The rest of the party kicked the snot out of the two. Upon inspection, a locket was found on the old man and the PC’s surmised that this was Bokken’s lost brother.

10th game (9th Aroden)
Crap, what do we do with all these people?"

With the stag fort looted and the northern Greenbelt pacified, our heroes return and reap rewards of untold riches and women (er, men too). A bit of exploring finds them saving a dryad Tiressenia, her true love, Falchos the Satyr and her home tree from an evil scythe tree. The 20 foot tall monstrosity is felled mostly due to a mighty blow from Darius, but also in part to copious amounts of fire producing spells and stuff.

They return to Oleg’s only to find a large contingent of people, tents, wagons, and horses all looking like they have come to settle these newly pacified lands.

This is where we will pick it up next time

9the session (2nd of Aroden)
Who's your daddy now?!

What a great and heroic finish to the 1st book!

Our band of merry makers leave Oleg’s after dealing with the Kobolds and Mite issue. They make a quick stop at the last unexplored hex in the northern Narlmarches in which they find a dead unicorn with it’s horn broken off at the base.

It appears it was killed with some kind of death magic which left no marks and even normal carrion are staying away.

They continue south west along the Skunk river and find the Stag fort quite easily. Waiting until night, the ranger and druid stealthily sneak up the hill only to discover that some zombies start busting out of the ground. Well, the ranger’s motto has always been, “if we don’t need to fight it, run”, so the two start running around the hill. The zombies follow, but are too slow to catch them and they escape with no problem. One of the bandits in the fort notices and laughs at them.

The next morning, the PC’s decide to just walk up to the gate, all 4 stag amulets exposed (because officers always walk around the wilds together?), and asked to be let in. The gate guard on duty calls Akiros up, he takes a gander at the pcs, sees their amulets and lets them in.

After a brief time of chatting with a couple of bandits, breakfast being searched out, and Akiros asking them in a hushed tone who they really are and what they are doing here. He seems to be open to turning on the Stag lord, but doesn’t commit to anything right then.

A bit later, the heroic adventures form a plan of attack, get to their places (the sniper all innocent like walks up to a tower that gives her great view around the fort. The other three take positions up on a cat walk) and let the pixie lead the attack by putting a bandit to sleep with a well placed itty-bitty sleep arrow.

The other bandits start to notice something is up and begin to draw swords and bows. Our battle cleric of the Inheritor counter charges Auchs before he gets his charge off and puts a dent in Auchs head (unfortunately, an organ he has little use for).

The paladin drinks the enlarge potion and steps down off the 2nd story into the lower part of the fort. He proceeds to engage 2 mook bandits and put an end to there miserable lives.

A sniper battle ensues between the ranger and another tower inhabiting bandit, but she proves to be awesome at what she does, and takes him out with one hit (don’t be a human in her cross hairs boys…). Two more badits come running around the corner right under her tower, one of which is Falgrim Sneeg, and puts a foot of wooden arrow shaft down through his shoulder into his lung and kills him outright (see above parentheses). Woops! So much for “worth more alive than dead”…

The enlarged paladin advances farther into the structure and encounters a large owlbear that apparently is a pet of the staglord. Well, it busts out of it’s cage and attacks Darius.

Right then, the much sought after bad guy, The Staglord, in a skeletal stag helmet steps out from another room armed with a wicked looking bow. He puts an arrow into darius and smiles with wicked satisfaction.

Meanwhile, back up on the second story, Isabella the warrior cleric is busy tying up a defeated Auchs who is crying and blubbering like a scared child.

Kyras has by now jumped down into the fray after dispatching a bandit with his Eagle of doom…doom…doom…
He summons an earth elemental that turns a bandit into a red smear on the wall.

Darius realizing the staglord is the greater threat, leaves the owl bear behind him and advances right up into his grill and smacks him with a really big sword.

The staglord retreats taking a swat in the rear and disappears into some back room.

This whole time, the invisible pixie has been peppering the owl bear with 2 inch sleep arrows to very little effect. Finally though, the magic affects the owl bear and it wobbles and falls. Isabella, who is down with the rest at this point, walks over and ends its miserable existence.

Vanima, lacking any good targets from her high vantage point comes down and looks for more targets to pin cushion. Unfortunately for her, the staglord reappears up on a wall and plugs her for a very hefty hit with his own bow.

Darius then walks over and hits him, knocking him back off the wall. Being 12’ tall, Darius looks over the 10’ wall and sees the staglord getting up. He decides to hop over the wall and finish in head smashing fashion, the leader of the bandits, the Iotolla of rock and rolla, the protector of virginity…………….. Oreck Von Lichtenstein!!!!

Oh, ahem, woops. Sorry, got carried away there. Its just so exciting.

After a brief rest and healing surge to get everybody back to as close to full health as possible, the group goes down the trap door into the supply area. They are cautioned by Akiros that an old creepy guy lives down there that they used to sometimes get healed by.

In the basement they find a large stash of stolen loot and a nearly dead woman staked by a collar to the ground. As they move in to check it out, a large ant and spider swarm materializes and attacks.

Darius uses his last lay on hands to stabilize the bleeding out woman, but a green acidic bolt hits her from the ceiling. Isabella channels to heal her more. On the 15’ ceiling, a wolverine is walking across it.

Vanima smacks it with an arrow. It walks down the wall and tears into the old woman who is actually surrounded by a bloody circle on the floor.

She screams and starts floating with an arched back (none of this in a good way).

The wolverine is easily killed by the heroes who than turns into an old man.

In front of their eyes, the woman’s skin starts splitting and this gore covered, emaciated demon looking thing pulls itself out of her. Darius hacks into it with his cold iron long sword with sizzles as it cuts into the red thing.

An exchange of blows leaves Darius near death and the pixie shoots the demon. Turns out Demons are not immune to sleep effects and is staggered by the sleep arrow. While it is seemingly staggered, the paladin stabs it deeply and is screams out in common, “You can not stop Sifkesh the Corrupt. The crown will be bathed in the blood of innocents!”

At which point it starts to smoke and crumble and then winks out of existence.

We stopped here with everything un looted and this is where we will start next game.

Great time everybody. Great way to end the first book.

8th session (1st of Aroden)
Dice can be so fickle...

Our adventures wrap up the mite problem and proceed straight to the Kobold home in the silver mine.

Upon exchanging the Old Sharp Tooth idol for a promise of goof future relations, Chief Sootscale take the statue and shatters it on the ground, loudly proclaiming them free of the curse.

Then pandemonium breaks out with kobolds running in all directions. Shaman Tartuk ordering the kobolds to kill the intruders, the chief yelling to kill the shaman and our brave adventurers right in the middle saying, “WTF?”

What followed was 2 rounds of watching the ranger and druid wallow around on a patch of magical grease. The paladin landed three solid blows to a very strange and seemingly summoned serpentine like creature only to miss the next three and critically fumble.

Finally the ranger is able to stand and attack with her composite longbow. Normally a very deadly attack is critically fumbled and she shots the druid in the back of the head. 2 rounds later she critically fumbles again only to have her bow string break.

The druid summons eagles to attack, but they prove to be ineffectual against Tartuk. He does use a flaming sphere spell to good effect though.

In the end, Tartuk is defeated, but escapes via invisibility and a back door.

Along with some treasure found in Tartuk’s private quarters, Svetlana’s ring is recovered along with Tartuk’s private journal. It is written in a language unknown to our adventures.

We end with the team back at Oleg’s, thinking of finally looking for the Stag fort and gaining some intel on it.


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